7 Things Scientists Can Do to Save the Planet

Earth Day 2017

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  1. Recycle Tip Boxes & Other Plastic Containers


Although this is the most obvious way to reduce your waste, many scientists forget to recycle all the common plastic they use in the lab. Remember to recycle your tip boxes and other plastic containers. See this list of recycling guidelines here. 


  1. Go Digital to Reduce Paper Consumption


Use paperless invoices for your lab supply orders or set up recurring orders. You can also buy in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging waste produced when ordering lab products.


  1. Re-use Your Containers & Use Eco-Friendly Products

Using reload tips of individually racked tips will reduce plastic waste. You can also re-certify glassware, weights, thermometers, timers instead of purchasing new ones


  1. Conserve Electrical Energy


Turn off UV lights in the hood when no one is using them, set an outlet timer, or set up a sterilization schedule so light isn't left on more than necessary.


  1. Buy Certified Refurbished Lab Products


What better way to reduce waste than by buying refurbished pipettes and stands. Refurb stands and chargers are a great way to re-use products so they don't end up in the landfill! You save $$ and the environment saves!


  1. Use Rechargeable Batteries

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It’s costlier in the short run, but in the long run rechargeable batteries will save you money and are better for the environment because they don’t end up in landfills leaking hazardous waste into the Earth. Read More Here. 

  1. Purchase from Environmentally Responsible Manufacturers



    Purchase supplies manufactured with alternative energy (solar, wind, etc.) For example, Pipette.com tips are molded in a plant fully powered by solar power. Other manufacturers such as Labcon and Eppendorf are also making large strides in reducing their carbon footprint. Ask what your lab suppliers are doing to reduce their carbon footprint next time.


Do you know more ways to scientists can help save the planet?

Leave a comment with some of your favorite ways to save the planet this Earth Day and be entered to win a free Pipette Enthusiast t-shirt!