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by Karina Maeda on 2 March 2018

Flu Season 2018

Everything you need to know about the San Diego Flu Epidemic

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Current Events

by Andrew O'Leary on 26 February 2018

My Science Mondays: Soph Became a Scientist Because…

"…I can make a difference to the world. I get to immerse myself in this beautiful biological world every single day. I get to talk to other amazing...

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My Science Matters

by Karina Maeda on 12 February 2018

Pipette.com Exclusive Eppendorf Promotion - Combitips

Buy 5 Cases of Eppendorf Combitips Advanced®, Get a Free Eppendorf Repeater® M4

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Pipettes, Promotions

by Andrew O'Leary on 12 February 2018

My Science Mondays: Stacia Became a Scientist Because…

"…I have always asked the questions that most never thought to ask. Having an eye for detail, being inquisitive, and a natural problem solver; I...

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My Science Matters