Pipette.com: More than just Pipettes

With it in our name, it’s kind of hard to miss that we are enthusiastic about our pipettes. As a trusted name in pipettes, it is our mission to give our customers the perfect pipette for their lab. What most people don’t know is that this prerogative extends to several other branches of the lab. From tubes to lab equipment and calibrations, we are constantly looking to help our customers increase their accuracy and production. Pipette.com invites you to view and take advantage of what makes us more than just a pipettes.


Pipettes are an essential part of any lab, from Biology to Chemistry, having that right pipette is Eppendorf Research Plus Pipettecrucial for your research. Determining the right pipette for your lab usually boils down to analyzing what samples you are working with. Single Channels, Multichannels, Pipet-Aids, and Repeaters all have conditions in which they excel. Pipette.com carries a wide selection of all types of pipettes to ensure that our customers have the best products to choose from. We carry trusted brand names, such as CAPP and Drummond, to guarantee a durable and high-quality pipette.

Pipette Tips

While a reliable pipette is an absolute for any lab, they quickly become an overpriced paper weight without pipette tips. Pipette tips come in a variety of different styles, including filtered, low retention, and macro sizes. The molds of these pipette tips make them available for a plethora of uses, but there are some tips designed for specialized uses. These specialized tips are generally designed to increase the longevity of a pipette or increase productivity. Due to their unique designs, specialty tips can be quite costly. Keeping the customer in mind, Pipette.com has affordable alternatives to these pipette tips in widely known and trusted name brands.

Tubes and Plastics

Once you know your pipettes and tips are reliable and suited for your particular needs, it’s time toEppendorf Microcentrifuge Tubes scrutinize your plastic and glassware. Consumables, such as microcentrifuge and PCR tubes, are one of the most commonly found items in the lab. Finding reliable and airtight tube is crucial to keep the integrity of your samples and data. Recently, Pipette.com has gained a name for the reliable cell cultures products. From treatment-coated plates to a wide selection of flasks, we are constantly expanding our inventory to fit our customers need. In this aspect, we now have a plethora of glassware joining our vast portfolio.

Lab Equipment

Vortex Genie 2To keep your lab productive, it’s a necessity to be up to date with the latest lab equipment. Upgrades and advancements are constantly being made to make lab work easier, faster, and more accurate. Becoming smaller and easier to handle, the highest quality of lab equipment can be found at Pipette.com. From Balances to Orbital Shaker, we have dozens of trusted brands including Eppendorf, Capp, and Sartorius. Determining the right model of any type of lab equipment can be tricky, so take advantage of our collective knowledge at Pipette.com and let us help you pick out the right one for your lab.


Generally, the last items thought about when making purchases for your lab are accessories like Parafilm and pipette or tube racks. The right accessories keep labs organized and clean despite all of the chaos that occurs daily in the lab. Pipette racks, for example, will prolong the life of your pipette and reduce calibrations errors. As your pipettes are safely tucked away from random bumps, falls or spill, you can rest assured that your pipettes are less likely to cause contamination and errors in your data. Pipette.com knows never to overlook the little things, that’s why we offer a variety of accessories at prices that are nothing to overlook.

Calibration and Repairs

As one of the largest independent calibration facilities on the west coast, Pipette.com has worked with over 20,000 calibrations customers. With ISO17025 accreditation, a possible 48-hour turn around, and 24/7 audit ready service, Pipette.com keep things simple and stress-free for our customers by servicing all brands and models. To help our customer save money on unneeded tests, we offer several different calibrations plans to fit the needs of the lab. We have some of the most talented lab technicians on the west coast, that have been known to repair pipettes manufacturers have deemed irreparable. If you aren’t ready to toss out your favorite pipette, send it our way and we’ll have it repaired in no time.


We here at Pipette.com know that while you may have your eyes on that premium pipette or the latest micro-centrifuge, the price tag can be a big deal breaker. That’s why Pipette.com is always offering the highest of qualities of products at low prices to help our customers save big. On top of our low prices, we are also constantly offering great specials on our products. To see what’s currently on sale contact us today or check out our specials page!