Are You Taking Care of Your Pipettes?


Take a moment and answer this question:

When organizing your lab bench or taking a break, do you think harder about where you set your phone or the pipette in your hand?

Be honest. I know I’m far more concerned with keeping my 3-year old phone, with an already cracked screen, away from any precarious positions than a $300 Research Plus. In reality, proper maintenance of your pipettes is largely ignored. Believe it or not, it can take a little more than biannual calibration to keep your pipette functioning properly.


What to do? Keep your instruments on a pipette stand!

BrandImages--accessoriesImages-SR-6.pngOne of the easiest, but most effective things you can do to maintain your pipette is to store it vertically. Every second the pipette is horizontal, gravity is slowly working on the piston, gradually worsening its alignment and compromising your pipette’s calibration. Taking an extra second to hang your pipette on a stand could save you a ton of time, money, and headaches in the future.


The Benefits of Pipette Stands

Pipette stands do more than just maintain proper alignment of the piston, they also reduce contamination. Keeping your pipette up on a stand will keep substances on the lab bench and away from your pipettes, gloves, and sensitive samples. Plus, if you’re like me, you tend to move too quickly and knock things off the bench. Keep your pipette stored safely away from flailing limbs!!

pipettestand.jpgFinally, keeping the bench organized is a quick way to improve your lab’s efficiency. Spend less time searching your cluttered work space and more time pipetting! Not to mention, you can prevent your coworkers “accidentally” mixing up your pipettes with theirs.

If you are looking to keep you pipettes accurate, unbroken, uncontaminated, and organized, invest in a pipette stand! They come in both carousel and linear styles, depending on your preference.


Be sure to not overpay!

At we offer numerous solutions at great prices. So whether you need a 4-place stand, a 6-place stand, or another solution entirely, let our capable team figure out the best way to keep your pipettes functioning and your lab running. But whatever you do, put your pipette on a stand!

Choose the Right Pipette Stand