Size Matters. Have You Seen the 100 mL Serological Pipettes?!

_MG_0005-3.jpgThere is a tool out there that many people are unaware of, the 100 mL serological pipette (Cat# SP-100C). This large volume serological pipette has a variety of uses and applications in the lab. Many scientists find them useful when filling up a large quantity of 100 mm dishes, as you can add media to many dishes at a time without needing to refill the pipette as often. With less refilling and more pipetting, you get your work done faster and get your results quicker!

A second use for these, depending on the volume of media needed to fill the flask, these can be an efficient way to add media to multilayer cell culture flasks, biofactories and hyperflasks. To fill these kinds of flasks quickly, people often pour the media straight in to the mouth, however unless you have an autoclavable funnel, this can get messy. These 100 mL serological pipette allow you to fill the chamber accurately, and without contamination, creating a cleaner process with less cleanup.

A third common use for these pipettes is for aseptically measuring our reagents when preparing sterile buffers or media, since tools like graduated cylinders are not as convenient to use in sterile situations.

One downside to be aware of with these is they can drip if not held at an angle, so it can take a little practice to get comfortable using them. However, when used properly, they make life at the bench faster and more efficient!

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