A Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is Included with Your New or Refurbished Pipette

What is a Certificate of Conformity (CoC)?

A CoC states that the pipette meets all manufacturer specifications and quality criteria for release.

How does a CoC compare to Calibration?

A CoC certifies the pipette meets technical, accuracy, and precision requirements at the time of certification. A CoC is not updated prior to shipping the pipette; this means the duration between certification and you receiving the pipette can vary.

Pipette Calibration certifies the pipette is with in calibration specification regardless of when the pipette was certified by the manufacturer. Our technicians will gravimetrically verify your pipette meets ISO 17025 requirements. Your pipette information will also be added to your account, allowing you to view the complete history and receive service reminders.

What if I need a Calibration due date?

We recommend adding pipette calibration to your new pipette. You will receive a calibration report and label with the next service due date.

Please contact info@pipette.com or call (800) 243-3232 to add calibration to your new pipette before it ships.

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