Calibration Survey Results

We asked how COVID-19 has affected your calibration service needs, and we have heard your responses. We are here to help you with flexible calibration options to meet your needs.

From our survey, top considerations included the time pipettes are gone from the lab, cost, accuracy, regulatory/quality compliance, and quality of work. We will be exploring each of these considerations in depth in future blogs as well.


Turnaround Time

The topmost consideration from our survey results is that of turnaround time for pipettes that are gone from the lab. Rest assured that you will receive both the utmost quality in calibration service with the fastest turnaround. And if you need loaner pipettes, we offer fully calibrated loaners to help you continue your work.



At, we offer a range of calibration plans to meet your budget needs. Choose from Verification, Calibration, Calibration PLUS, and Accredited PLUS plans, starting at $24 per pipette.



At, we offer factory trained technicians and authorized service providers to ensure your pipettes are calibrated for the utmost accuracy. Our calibration environment is climate-controlled for temperature, humidity, and pressure. We also use NIST-traceable 5, 6 & 7 place balances on solid granite table.


Regulatory/Quality Compliance

We can assist you with regulatory and quality compliance needs. Learn more about our partnership with Qualer for this consideration at


Quality of Work is the industry leader in pipette calibration. For over 20 years, our ISO 17025:2017 accredited organization has been handling and servicing pipettes to the highest standard these precision pieces of equipment require. We work with all sizes of organizations across multiple industries, such as Healthcare, Therapeutics, Education, Life Sciences, R&D, and more.


Find out more about our calibration and certification services at our website!