CappWash: The Plate Washer Your Lab Needs


Improve your lab’s efficiency with a Capp ELISA washer! The CappWash can be accurately described in three words: durable, efficient, and economical. This unit is specifically designed for use in small-scale immuno assays and works with both microplates and strips.


You may be familiar with the now-discontinued Nunc® ImmunoWash. Good news! The CappWash is identical and will work with any remaining components you have in your lab. The W-12 CappWash is identical to the 470175 Nunc® ImmnoWash, and the W-8 is identical to the discontinued part number 470174. Feel free to read Capp’s press release here.


With this new unit, you’ll find all the same advantages, namely the signature durability. The CappWash is made of high-grade stainless steel and polypropylene, making it highly resistant to corrosive chemicals. The unit is also fully autoclavable! Each unit includes Capp’s unique 2-in-1 tube design. There are two tubes within each channel, an inner tube that dispenses the washing solution, and an outer tube to vacuum away the liquid. This prevents the channels from ever becoming clogged!


The CappWash is incredibly efficient, as well. A handheld unit provides advantages over automated washers, namely a more thorough washing of plates than an automated washer can provide. The simplicity of the CappWash is enhanced by its one-button operation. Simply press the knob to dispense the washing solution and release to aspirate. The CappWash also allows you to adjust the depth of each channel with screws on either side of the unit. It is suitable for all well types! Completely customize each wash to your immuno assay without having to deal with programming and electric wiring!


Finally, the CappWash is the most economical plate washer on the market. You can choose between three different sizes: 8-channel, 12-channel, and 16-channel. Each is available as only the washer head or as a kit, including all bottles, tubing, and a vacuum pump. You will also find all necessary components available individually on! As stated previously, the CappWash is compatible with Nunc® ImmunoWash components, so you can order exactly what your lab needs and no more! Reach out to our capable team of product specialists with any questions to find the CappWash best suited to your application!


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