Celltreat Pipette Types

Designed to accommodate laboratories working in cellular biology processes, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or even academic research, CELLTREAT has developed several pipetting products outside of the micropipette. Allowing for fast, accurate aspiration and dispensing of materials in volumes much larger than a micropipette is capable of handling. From simple plastuer pipets to large volume serological pipets, CELLTREAT offers a line of products that fit well into any laboratory.

Serological Pipets

Serological pipets are often one of the most common pipets on the market found in laboratories ranging from academic settings to cell research labs and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. These pipets are universally designed to fit any motorized controller and manufactured to the ASTM Standard Specification for Serological Pipets E-934. Marked bi-directionally to read both positively and negatively, these pipets range in size to fit both small aspirations of 1mL up to large aspirations of up to 100mL at a time. Featuring a premium barrier plug and durable design, CELLTREAT serological pipets are premium products at an affordable price.

Bacteriological (Milk) Pipets

CELLTREAT offers high quality bacteriological pipets, often referred to as milk pipets, that meet APHA requirements shown in Standard Methods for Examination of Dairy Products and ASTM E1043-00(2010). With the ability to deliver samples containing particulates, these pipets are used routinely in the dairy field for undiluted milk. The single use device has wide tips to transfer thick liquids easily for routine quality assessment studies while also featuring a premium barrier plug and colored band paired to specific graduations for easy identification.

Aspirating Pipets

One of the most basic pipets on the market, aspirating pipets are ideal for quick removal of media or sample waste. These pipets come sterile and either individually or bulk wrapped in several sizes. What sets these apart as a simple pipet is the lack of graduations and plugs. Ideal for fast processes that do not require precise readings, these pipets can remove media from cell cultures and are easily disposed of. Slightly more affordable than graduated pipets, these sterile aspirating pipets can be utilized during processes easily without cross contaminating any products.

Polypropylene Plasteur Pipets

The Plasteur Pipets are an excellent safe and budget friendly alternative to glass pipets that offer the same precision that comes with a glass pipet. Featuring a fine tip and durable build, these pipets offer accurate aspiration even under strenuous environments. Manufactured with Polypropylene, these pipets are resistant to a wide array of chemicals found in a majority of labs and also provide safety benefits including:

    - Shatter resistance, no more broken glass
    - Flexibility preventing puncturing PPE or skin
    - Durability through shipments and use, no wasted products due to breaks
    - Eliminates the need for sharps disposals

To add to these benefits, the plasteur pipets come in both sterile and non-sterile forms either individually wrapped or bulk to fit the need of your laboratory and are autoclavable.

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