Feel Good Friday - Oxford Lab Products is Going from Strength to Strength!

Oxford Lab Products, a pipette and laboratory equipment manufacturer whose products we supply, is going from strength to strength, and 2018 is set to be another big year for Oxford Lab Products. Their product line is expanding, while their dedication to customer satisfaction is shining through as more of their products get into labs and the hands of scientists around the world. One of the factors contributing to Oxford Lab Products success is that they are constantly getting out there to meet with and talk to their customers and scientists, engaging with them and getting feedback on their products, as well as what scientists need from their lab equipment.


Oxford Lab Products is constantly striving to provide customers with two things; Legendary Performance, and Unbeatable Value. Oxford Lab Products’ units come with fantastic long-standing warranty programs, which is just one of the reasons scientists feel confident that they are getting a great product that will stand the test of time and repeated use. Oxford Lab Products test all their products at multiple stages before they ever go to market to ensure their reliability and quality. Combining this rigorous testing, conducted by scientists with years of experience using this equipment in the lab, with customer feedback, Oxford Lab Products ensure their products consistently meet the needs of their customers!