Is a Thermomixer Right for Your Lab?


Also Known as Thermal Mixers and Thermal Shakers


Thermomixers are designed to simultaneous incubate and shake samples, allowing scientists control over mixing speed and temperature. The precision and accuracy of heating and speed can lead to more reproducible results.


Popular application examples:

Plasmid, RNA, and DNA purification

Lipid extractionsBrandImages-H5000-HC MultiTherm_500.jpg

Reverse transcription and cDNA synthesis

Bacteria and yeast growth

DNA, RNA, and protein denaturation

Lysis reactions

Enzymatic reactions

Gentle thawing of samples

DNA and Proteinase K Digestions

DNA ligation

Transformations/genetic engineering


If you are interested in purchasing a thermomixer for your lab, here are specifications to consider:

PCR Tubes

96-Well PCR plates

0.2mL Tubes

384-Well PCR Plates

0.5mL Tubes

Cryo tubes (Cryovials)

1.5mL Tubes

Flat microplates

2.0mL Tubes

Deepwell plates (DWP)

5.0mL Tubes

Test Tubes, 12 mm diameter, 35mm to 76 mm height

15mL Tubes

50mL Tubes


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