Is an Electronic Pipette Worth it?

Expensive. Complicated. Difficult to operate. I’ve heard all the reasons scientists have to not try electronic pipettes, and I hear them all the time. But I always come back with one question, “Well, have you tried one?” Because if you have, you understand my excitement. The functionality, ergonomics, and efficiency are all unmatched. Try one and your time in the lab will never be the same.

IMG_2012450.pngFirst, let’s settle the price issue. Take a look at the CAPP Maestro; buy one at $595, get a second pipette free! That’s less than a manual Eppendorf Research Plus or ThermoFisher F2! There are few pipettes on the market offered at a better value.

You will find unmatched functionality for this price. Take a moment and try to estimate the amount of time you spend a day spinning a dial to adjust your pipette’s volume. Now imagine it only takes the click of a button. With an electronic pipette you can preset volumes or use programmed functions like multi-dispensing, dilution and mixing. Again, using the CAPP Maestro as an example, you can switch between programs in a matter of two clicks. The time and effort saved adds up quickly, and before you know it you’re getting a few more plates finished a day.

But, we all know the cost of doing so many plates or tubes a day. Carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries are far too common among those in the lab. Let an electronic pipette save your wrists and thumbs! A more ergonomic design and the elimination of a plunger contribute to your longevity in the lab. If that’s not worth it, then I don’t know what is.

The advantages of electronic pipetting are numerous, and certainly worth a look for someone who spends a lot of time in the lab. With the combination of price, functionality and ergonomics you can’t go wrong. But above all, if you haven’t yet tried an electronic pipette I encourage you to do so. You can take advantage of our promotion with the CAPP Maestro here, or look at some other electronic solutions. is in the business of providing the best equipment to empower scientists. Let us empower you!

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