Microcentrifuges – The Ideal Equipment for Benchtop Cell Separations


Microcentrifuge & Mini Centrifuge Uses

capp-rondo-CR-68X-microcentrifuge.jpgMicrocentrifuges and minicentrifuges are a vital part of most labs that deal with microfiltration and cell separations. They are ideal for spinning down proteins, cells, HPLC samples, sediments, microbial cells, organelles, proteins, DNA, and RNA. Designed to separate samples of different densities, microcentrifuges of today are small in footprint, quiet during operation, and include safety features as well. Designed to spin down microcentrifuge and pcr tubes, most microcentrifuges are built to accommodate 1.5ml and 2.0ml capacity tubes.

With many having additional pcr tube and strip tube adapters for the even smaller individual and 8-strip pcr tubes with 0.2ml and 0.5ml capacities. For additional features and controls, most higher end microcentrifuges have options for fixed speed or variable volumes depending on your applications.

If you have to spin 5ml tubes or 12-strip tubes, Pipette.com also has specialty microcentrifuges for that.


Spin Rate

Tube Capacity

Price Range

Oxford C8

6000rpm/2000xg (fixed)

8 x 1.5/2.0ml tubes


CAPP Rondo CR68/CR68X


(fixed or adjustable models available)

8 x 1.5/2.0ml tubes

pcr strip tubes


Benchmark My Fuge Mini

6000rpm/200 xg

8x 1.5/2

2x 0.2 pcr strip tubes

$228.25 (Promo w/ free pipette)

Benchmark MC-12







5500 rpm

2000xg (Fixed)

4 x 5ml and

4 x 1.2/2ml


Benchmark Stripspin 12 mini

5500 rpm

2000xg (Fixed)

4 x 12 pcr strips

4 x 8 pcr strips

48 x 0.2 pcr tubes


Eppendorf Mini

12100 rcf

800-13400 rpm

12x 1.5/2


Eppendorf Mini Plus

14100 rcf

800-14500 rpm

12x 1.5/2




Additional Features

Although it may seem that spin rate and capacity might be the only specifications that matter; many centrifuges come with thoughtfully designed features and improved engineering. For instance, the Oxford C8 and the CAPP Rondo CR68 both come with a drain value that makes cleaning of spilled liquids easy and safe. In addition, all have safety features, from a non-rubber slip base to safety breaks on the lids. With built in timers, reduced motors, the centrifuges of today are built to make the process easy. Ranging from solid economy models such as Oxford C8 and CAPP Rondo to higher speed Benchmarks and Premium branded Eppendorf.


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