Product Spotlight – Eppendorf ThermoMixer C has started carrying Eppendorf ThermoMixer C’s. They are versatile German made orbital shakers with precise temperature control. ThermoMixer C has many features and benefits that make it a flexible and capable piece of equipment. It can handle all common vessels, deliver precise heating and cooling and can reliably and efficiently mix samples. They can be used to, synthesize cDNA, transform cells, perform enzymatic reactions, denature proteins and for plasmid, RNA/DNA purification. Owing to their wide variety of uses in molecular biology, they have a place in almost any lab.

The ThermoMixer C has excellent temperature control from 15-100 ˚C. It can be used for both heating and cooling samples, which gives it great flexibility. The ThermoMixer C uses integrated Peltier elements to deliver precise and responsive temperature control. It has a temperature accuracy of .5 ˚C, can heat at 7 ˚C per minute and cool at 2.5 ˚C per minute. It comes with 5 temperatures pre-programmed with room for another 20-custom heating/cooling programs. Owing to its flexibility it can be used for almost any temperature sensitive protocol from growing bacteria to synthesizing cDNA’s.thermomixerc_400P.jpg

The ThermoMixer can also accommodate all common lab vessels. This includes everything from 384 well plates, to 50 mL conical tubes. This is accomplished by using self-detecting SmartBlock technology. There are 11 different SmartBlocks available. To change them it’s as easy as flipping a locking lever, swapping the blocks and locking the lever again. The blocks are automatically recognized by the machine, eliminating any user error from using the wrong settings for the block. For smaller volume vessels the ThermoMixer C also has an optional ThermoTop accessory available. It acts like a heated lid on a PCR machine to prevent condensation and maintain proper sample concentration. The ThermoTop lid is suitable for use with .5-2 mL tubes and 96 and 384 well plates.

The ThermoMixer C also delivers excellent mixing results. It has a tight 3 mm orbit perfect for smaller vessels e.g. 384 well plates, that is also effective for tubes up to 50 mL. This is because the rpm can be varied from 300-3000 rpm. This gives the ThermoMixer C the flexibility to be used for anything from incubating fragile enzymes to vigorously mixing restriction digest reactions. Regardless of the vessel the ThermoMixer C offers full mixing of just about any sample in a minute or less. Please see the chart below showing the mixing times for some common protocols. Despite the ThermoMixer C’s high power, it doesn’t spill samples. The smooth controlled action of ThermoMixer C keeps all the sample in the well eliminating cross-contamination.
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