Rainin Pipette Calibration – What You Need to Know

Accuracy and precision are of paramount importance in scientific research and lab work, and accuracy in your lab begins with having correctly calibrated pipettes. Different Rainin pipette calibration plans are available to meet the varied needs of different labs. It is important to know what level of Rainin pipette calibration your pipettes require so that you can pick the correct plan to meet your needs. All labs and scientists require accuracy from their pipettes, but some require more stringent regulatory compliance standards for their Rainin pipette calibration than others.

Pipette.com provides a number of different Rainin pipette calibration service levels, as well as offering pipette repair. The four ISO accredited pipette calibration plans offered by Pipette.com, with customized options available, are Verification, Calibration, Calibration Plus and Accredited Plus.rainin

Rainin Pipettes are known for their high standards in design and construction. But even the best pipettes require calibration in order to function optimally and correctly. Rainin pipette calibration involves the factory approved method of gravimetric analysis. This method of Rainin pipette calibration ensures conformity to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Calibration Plus is the second highest level of pipette calibration available at Pipette.com, and the most purchased option by Pipette.com customers across all brands of pipettes. It consists of 4 x 2 As Found weighings and 4 x 2 As Left weighings (Rainin pipette calibration factory method) with preventative maintenance. It includes all of the following: Data As Received, Preventative Maintenance, Pipette Calibration, Calibration Label, Complimentary Paper Report, Online Data Reports Retrieving & Pipette Management Tool and Automated Email Reminders for Your Next Calibration Service Date.

With this method of Rainin pipette calibration, pipettes undergo verification first, followed by preventative maintenance and calibration. With this plan you can demonstrate that your Rainin pipettes are within calibration range before they undergo preventative maintenance and calibration. Offering added confidence in results obtained using those Rainin pipettes up until calibration. Alternatively, if your Rainin pipettes are out of tolerance, you can adjust future calibration intervals to be closer together. This level of service is ideal for labs in which you are required to verify your pipettes in the lab in between calibration cycles, labs which are GLP, CLIA, manufacturing, or audited laboratories, or if you are obtaining odd results that could be attributed to incorrect volumes.

For your Rainin pipette calibration at Pipette.com, the pipette service order form can be used to submit a calibration order, visit our calibration service page or give us a call on 800-243-3232 today.