Shaking Incubators Popular for Growing E. Coli

Shaking incubators are designed to simultaneously incubate and shake or agitate samples, combining the power of a shaker and an incubator in one unit. They are ideal for cell culture, cell aeration and solubility experiments, and for labs carrying these types of research. One of the primary benefits of a shaking incubator is that if you regularly require

shak_1the combination of shaking and incubating then having a dedicated shaking incubator removes the requirement to place a separate shaker unit inside your incubator. Having one dedicated piece of equipment for incubating and shaking your samples, simplifies the process and improves your control over the process. Furthermore, using a shaker that is a separate piece of equipment placed inside the incubator means that you will need to open the incubator every time you need to adjust the shaking settings, thus temporarily losing your set temperature. However, controlling the shaking action from outside of the incubation unit allows you to constantly maintain your set temperature while adjusting shaking parameters according to your needs. As well as maintaining temperature, if you are controlling the gaseous atmosphere inside the incubator then it is also important to keep your incubator closed at all times to maintain this environment. carries a broad selection of shaking incubators combining various features, sizes and styles. Below we will discuss three options available for you, depending on what capacity you require. offers shaking incubators of varying capacities and sizes, and from a variety of different manufacturers including Eppendorf, Benchmark, Labnet and Ohaus. Choosing which unit is the right size for your lab depends on many factors and personal preferences. Some important points to consider are what you will need to incubate and shake, how many samples you will need to incubate, the throughput of samples you require and how many people will be using the unit. For those requiring only a very small throughput, one unit that is ideal is the Benchmark Incu-Shaker Mini Shaking Incubator. This unit is compact, with a small footprint, but spacious internally. It is simple and easy to use and an efficient and convenient solution or any lab with modest requirements.


The Eppendorf Innova 42 / 42R Incubated Shaker are fantastic units for those requiring mid-range capacity combined with exceptional quality and useful features. Optional culture drawer, gassing manifold, remote alarm, humidity monitor, photosynthetic light bank and UV germicidal light are all available features. In fact, the full range of Eppendorf New Brunswick Shakers contains excellent options for growing E. Coli.

Finally, for those requiring a high capacity unit, the Benchmark Incu-Shaker 10L Shaking Incubator offers heavy duty capacity at 10 L, with reliable and continuous performance and outstanding temperature control – A very important factor when it comes to growing E. Coli.

If these three units don’t match up to the exact specifications you need for your particular experimental parameters, just check out the full range of Shaking incubators at, or email or call 0-243-3232 and a member of the knowledgeable team will be delighted to help you.