The BenchMate E Electronic Pipette from Oxford Lab Products is Here

Legendary Performance, Unbeatable Value!


We at have recently launched the sale of the BenchMate E Electronic Pipette from Oxford Lab Products. The release of this electronic pipette to the market signals the addition of an extremely high quality, high-end product, at an affordable price. The Oxford Benchmate E Electronic Pipette is lightweight and ergonomic, designed for either left-hand or right-hand use, offering precise and accurate pipetting to all labs.


This range of electronic pipettes offers all the features and benefits scientists have come to expect from electronic pipettes. The BenchMate E boasts an intuitive graphic interface and 5 different and frequently used modes of pipetting:

 Oxford e_graphics.jpg


Scientists can be confident that the high-performance stepper motor will provide consistent and repeatable results, while password-protected calibration ensures secure usage. The volume ranges are uniquely color coded for easy 


identification and the universal tip cone provides compatibility with universal pipette tips, freeing scientists from the shackles of proprietary tips. The lower assembly is autoclavable and can be easily sterilized. All of this is provided in a lightweight and ultra-ergonomic design, with built-in power save and Intelli-charging battery, for uninterrupted usage. The charger stand can be purchased separately so that your unit is charging while you’re not using it, so you never run out of battery. What’s more, these units all come with a 3-year warranty.


These premium quality electronic pipettes are now available for $695 on Bundle deals are also now available, offering a free digital vortex mixer, magnetic stirrer or centrifuge with any BenchMate E electronic pipette, providing scientists with real value for money.


“The BenchMate E Electronic Pipette from Oxford Lab Products gives our scientists legendary performance at unbeatable value, finally making electronic pipetting accessible to all scientists and companies, not just those with big budgets.” explains our CEO at Alex Spector. This latest offering to the electronic pipette market demonstrates how it is possible to get great quality at a great price. The availability of quality electronic pipettes at these affordable prices makes them an option for labs with a tighter budget, such as academics or start-ups, who previously would not have been able to afford to upgrade from manual pipettes.


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