Trends for Growth in a Post-COVID ERA

Trends for Growth in a Post-COVID ERA

As the world navigates the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, thoughts extend to both current and future trends in biotechnology. What are some of the trends that might affect the industry?


Expanding Access

The pandemic underlined a critical need for upgrading healthcare access. Biotech can help address this for populations that have limited healthcare access, both for chronic disease and even in aiding the vaccine rollout for COVID-19. This creates an opportunity for technological solutions to help get both acute and long-term health issues addressed, no matter where people are.


Research for Disease

The pandemic also brought to the forefront the need to address research and innovation, for vaccines, preventative treatments, and treatments for active infections. Investments in research and development for infectious disease, combined with the need for new therapies and potential cures for chronic disease, will continue to drive growth in the market.

Some examples of research areas include cell and gene therapy, rare and orphan disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.


Agricultural Markets

Biotechnology has been a potential growth area when related to agricultural markets. Agriculture has remained a burgeoning opportunity for biotech without the influence of COVID-19, and will continue to do so.


Ongoing Pandemic Concerns

Given the early stages of vaccine rollout, the COVID-19 pandemic is not over. Greater access to vaccines around the world is essential to helping bring the crises to an end. Additional research for therapeutics will continue to drive technology. Some examples of this include mRNA vaccine delivery and RNAi therapies for gene manipulation.

Advances in genetics will continue apace, and the demand for accessible telemedicine and care will feature for the foreseeable future.

Because COVID-19 has affected the public more than any other crises, it is likely that a lens will remain turned toward public health across the board, providing numerous opportunities for investment.


Maintaining Your Laboratory Assets

The abrupt workflow of regulatory processes during the pandemic has had powerful ramifications in biotech. Workplace changes in hours, distancing, and perhaps even funding changes come into play. Laboratory equipment still must be maintained in top shape to meet the moment, however.

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